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Re: [BKARTS] bookart

> Artists' books expose the artistic and social norms and
> conventions that construct the book as a cultural and historical object,
> and they do that, I suggest, by disrupting the way we read.

Even if you insist that an artists book must "expose the [...]" (and I do
not), there are numerous ways to explore the book within an existing
structure commonly accepted as a book structure, including the codex.  There
are many attributes of the book and many cultural and historical aspects of
books beyond the fact that they are read.

> Perhaps you've deleted the part of our exchange where I give my reason:
> artists' books make a significant reference to the book, or to books, or
> to some material, functional, social, historical trace or idea of the
> book, or evoke some memory or association or thought, that brings the art
> into existence.

Again, it is possible to "make significant reference to the book" within the
constraints of your reason while retaining the structure of a book.

> I think you are responding peremptorily to my posts because you perceive
me to be
> vitiating categories of objects you hold as sacred.

You are incorrect in your assumption as to what I hold as sacred.  I am not
attempting to define an artists' book as a work that requires a conventional
book structure; I am arguing that a definition that excludes such works is
too narrow.

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