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Re: [BKARTS] bookarts as media

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- but Lee
> has written my heart.

Wow! Imagine that. I think in the long run, it IS about heart over head.
Head is great, and I greatly respect the very learned and thoughtful
analyses that have issued forth on this list these past few days. I have
read every word, sometimes nodding, sometimes shaking my head (not in
negative, but in wonder).

What it comes down to for me - speaking from the artful side of the
discussion - does it make me throb? I have a physical response to works of
art....might be a small trembling of the innards...sometimes spreads to
limbs...in the "best" cases I just throb all over, I yearn toward the work
with a kind of electric excitement. OK, words are dumb for trying to
describe emotions & sensations like this. But I often stand in front of a
work of art all resonant with it - whether or not with the artist's "intent"
I don't know, but that doesn't matter. It enters me and I am changed. It can
be a literary text, a poem, a collage, a painting, an artists book -
whatever it is, there is this connection and that's what I mean by "I know
it when I see it." Someone else might not respond to a particular piece at
all - could have this kind of connection to something that doesn't move me
one whit: that's exciting too, because it leaves so many opportunities for
artists with different vocabularies to find an audience.

BTW, for a real good time - watch John Gielgud's film, "Prospero's Books."
The beginning of that film makes me yearn for the "books." To be honest, I
have watched it several times and have never been able to stay awake all the
way through - not that it's boring, but it's mesmerizing. About 2/3 of the
way through I zone out (and there is a lot of nudity at that point too -
interesting reaction!)

Thanks, Linda, for understanding MY "heart."


Lee Kirk
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