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[BKARTS] Folding medieval medical book

Good day all,
I'm trying to find information and sources for photographs of a type of  book 
that was carried by doctors in the Middle Ages. The book has  pages that fold 
into a small strip that made it easy to carry. I've got one book  that has a 
photo and brief caption, but doesn't say where the photo is from or  what 
collection the book is in. (I'd like to get a photograph I can use in a  book I am 
Also, I somewhere got the idea in my head that this type of book was called  
a vade mecum, but I'm not sure where I got the idea. I do know that there  are 
codex form books called or titled vade mecums, but I have this  vague idea 
that the folded medieval medical books were the original vade  mecums.  Am I 
right? Or have I accidentally made up a book history  "urban legend" -- as in a 
story that sounds good, but is not true?
I'd very much appreciate anything any of you kind & knowledgeable  people can 
tell me.
Sally Canzoneri

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