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[BKARTS] Punctuating dialog

Thanks to all for the advice on punctuating dialog.

The book's pages are so busy, I decided to add to 
my title page: "Excerpted text from..." or something
like that

Sally Canzoneri asked if my book's character is a
dancer. Well, of sorts.

Miss Roj, from "The Gospel According To Miss Roj,"
one of eleven vignettes from the play "THE COLORED
MUSEUM" by George C. Wolfe is one angry snap drag
queen. She repeats often in her performance, "Just
snap and dance and snap and dance."
Her unforgettable performance inspires this new work
and an accompanying sculpture.


You don't say whether you are mixing the dialogue
into text of your own or if the text of your book
will be entirely made up of excerpts of the
character's dialogue. Like other people who have
commented, I think you should feel free to fudge the
traditional rules on quotations. After all, you are
not writing a term paper. The whole point of rules
about punctuating quotes is to make it clear to the
reader who is saying what. If you can convey that
with fonts and colors, go with it. If the text is
made up entirely of quotes from the dialogue, you
could leave out quotation marks, et al. and explain
in your introduction or colophon.

Hope it goes well. By the way, is the character a
Sally Canzoneri>>
A L I C E   S I M P S O N
 C L A Y   &   B O O K S

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