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Re: [BKARTS] Movable Books

Dear Gaelle,

Thank you for sharing your web site with us.  I love the films you have
posted, because of the way you have blended sound tracks and
fantasy/animation and film footage into little stories.  The Christopher
Columbus film is my favorite.

I've just written a brief article on artists' use of the flip book structure
for the Ampersand Journal published quarterly by the Pacific Center for the
Book Arts (PCBA), Volume 24, No. 2.  See
http://www.greenchairpress.com/amp.cgi  One of the best sources for
information about the history of flipbooks, including a section devoted to
artists' flipbooks  is www.flipbook.info, a website by a Frenchman, Pascal

Debbie Kogan
Soquel, California

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From: Peter D. Verheyen [mailto:verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 6:15 AM
Subject: Movable Books

>From: gaepela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I m french artist. I make some book artist and also little movies.
>Now I write a these for the Sorbonne in Paris my subject is Movable
>book and image moving. I look for the contemporan artist book pop up
>or image to come from the movie like flip book or digital book. If
>some of you have some idea about this subject. It will be great. Let me
>Best regard
>Gaelle pelachaud
>  gaepela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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