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[BKARTS] Question re cover/endpaper paper used by Grolier Society

Not having much luck researching this, but it occurs to me that someone on
this list might have a reference or knowledge of this paper:

As a bookseller, I often find myself dealing with curiosities and
"unknowns." At the moment, I have a number of sets of books (or partial
sets, drat it) produced by the Grolier Society (London) circa 1900. Their
very high-end sets (OK, they were the Franklin Mint of their day, but they
did do some spectacular editions) employ high-quality leather, raised spine
bands, gilding, hand-colored frontises, etc. Some of these books have a
lovely mottled paper in soft flowing colors, used on the covers (which are
3/4 bound) and as endpapers (matching). To my eye, these appear to be
hand-made watercolor sheets, wet-on-wet.

I have seen the term "aquarelle" used on some sets, which would imply a
reference to either this paper, or to the hand-watercolored illustrations.

So the question is: IS this watercolored paper, and if so, IS "aquarelle" an
accepted term for it? (I realize that it's an appropriate term for
watercolor and watercolor paper, but I really want to know if this was an
accepted type of bookbinder paper or just something they made up because it
sounded French and significant.)

Curious minds and all,



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