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[BKARTS] Fwd: [archives] varmints in libraries/archives

Friends and Colleagues,
Just thought I should share this message from the Archives List, especially for those of us who served an apprenticeship.
Bill Minter

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On 08.06.2007, at 09:01, William Minter wrote:

FANTASTIC, especially the apprentice.

That was the clincher that said to me, "Send this to Bill!" Then, I thought about the UK connection. It made me think of Bill Anthony.

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Elizabeth West <Westec@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On a personal note, Jack Russell Terriers also work very well in getting rid of varmints, even when they're in the attic. Ours alerted us to the fact that we had critters up there. We couldn't figure out why he wanted in the attic so badly, so we took him up there and...well....the mouse problem was solved faster than we thought possible.

In the early 1970's, as a graduate student in England, I worked informally at a manuscript repository in an industrial city in Yorkshire. One day, we found the repository infested with rats, so we telephoned the local government vermin control agency. In due time, there appeared in our parking lot a small minivan, with the white rose of York displayed prominently on its side panels, from which emerged a short, elderly man, and a small, bouncy terrier (no, I don't remember the breed, but judging from our locality it was almost certainly a Yorkie). The couple came into the building, and the man announced, in a wonderful Loidian accent, "We've koom about the rats." We showed the man the rooms in which we had found rattine memorabilia, whereupon the man shut the dog--whose name I remember as Katie--in the first of these rooms, and then joined us for tea. Katie was left in the room for about two or three hours to work her magic, and then both she and her escort left, to return the next day to repeat the process in another room. About four days into the process, the minivan arrived and Katie and the man got out, as usual. Then the man reached into the back of the van and pulled out a small puppy, which he placed on the ground, and which, on rather unsteady legs, followed Katie and the man into our building. The three of them marched into our office, and before any of us had a chance to say anything, the man pointed to the puppy and said the single word, "Apprentice!"

Michael Palmer, MLIS
Claremont, California


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