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[BKARTS] Impressions from Action/Interaction


I didn't attend the conference, unfortunately, but wanted to chime in about
the connection between contemporary art and book art in a purely empirical
way. I've been scanning the art magazines for the past many years and have
found a rise very recently in their coverage of book and print/typographic
work. This is a broad statement. I will give a few very recent examples.
June/July 2007 in Art in America--a piece on the John Latham show at PS1.
Artforum Summer 2007 cover article on Guy de Cointet (there's a sampling of
his book related work on the cover), and which, you can incidentally read
online with pictures! http://artforum.com/inprint/id=15359. Artforum in
particular has had a book or print related article or review in what seems
like every issue I pick up. There was a recent review of Tauba Auerbach's
typographic drawings in one of these magazines but I'm not remembering which
at the moment.

I suppose my point is that the moment for book art intersecting with
contemporary art as a whole is at a high point right now. I will have to
collect more empirical data....

amy borezo

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