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Re: [BKARTS] filmoplast v. lineco repair tape

I found the message below yours in this message on the cool site which indicates that the CCI in Ottawa was going to start testing in 2001 but haven't found any results yet. DOes anyone else have a link to the results?

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jgodsey wrote:
they are both opaque and removable. one is twice the price.

for my purposes I recommend Lineco's document repair tape, since it is cheaper
and the object of the repair will be to prevent further damage.
the repair can always be reversed later on.
but i don't have a tangible reason to recommend one over the other.

I know this has probably been debated before, and if it has is there an archive of the conversation?

*Subject:* Research on tape and heat-set products *From:* Jane Down (/jane_down@xxxxxxxxx/) *Date:* 09-25-2001

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The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) is initiating a project on Tapes and Heat-Set Tissues/Products. This project will look at various tapes and heat-set products for their suitability and durability for various conservation applications relating to paper.

Initially, we are collecting many different products which we will
put through a screening program to arrange them into like groups so
that we can select a few representative ones to undergo the full
scale testing. The full scale testing is still being worked through
but should involve tests on how innocuous the products are to
substrates, how removable they are and user friendly during
application, as well as tests on long term strength of all
components and bond strength to certain substrates.

Flexibility/brittleness will be investigated, as well as colour
change and carrier suitability. We will be aging the products in the
dark and under lights according to methods already in place. Our
initial task, right now, is to try to gather all potential products
for the screening program.

The following is the list of products that we have collected so far
(see below). If there are products that you use that are not on the
list, we would be very happy to include them in the initial
screening program. Please contact us immediately with full details
of the omitted product (name, where it can be ordered, how you use
the product, data sheets).

This project is set to run for several years but results will be
published at intervals as they become available. We thank you in
advance for helping to make the list as complete as possible.

List of Tapes and Heat-set Tissues/Products

   Water Activated Products
        Paper Carrier
        Acid-free Paper Tape (CM)
        Framing/Hinging Gummed Paper Tape (UP)
        Gummed Japanese Hinging Paper (TA)
        Insta-Hinge Kit, Insta-Hinge Strips, Insta-Mend (TA, GL,
           CM, UP)
        Hayaku Instant Japanese Hinges - Lineco Item 533-0752 (UP)

        Cloth Carrier
        Gummed Linen Tape - Lineco L533-1520 (UP, GL, CM)
        Hinged Cambric Cloth Tape (UP, TA)

   Pressure-Sensitive Products
        Paper Carrier
        3M White Artist's Paper Tape (CM)
        Document Repair Tape (UP, GL, CM)
        Transparent Mending Tape (UP)
        Filmoplast P, P-90, P-91 (UP, TA, GL, CM)
        Frame Sealing Tape (UP, TA, GL, CM)
        Gudy V (#831) (TA)
        Mounting Hinging Tissue (UP)

        Cloth Carrier
        Filmoplast Linen Pressure-sensitive Tape (GL, CM)
        Filmoplast SH Tape (TA)
        Filmoplast T Tape (TA)
        Self-Adhesive Linen Tape (UP)

        Other Carriers/No Carrier
        3M Adhesive Transfer Tape  (TA, CM)
        Clear Mount (TA)
        Double Coated 3M No. 415 Polyester Transparent Tape (UP,
           TA, GL, CM)
        Filmoplast 610 (TA)
        Filmoplast Soft (TA)
        Gudy 800 (TA, 10)
        Gudy O (#870) (TA, CM)
        J LAR Tape (TA)
        Polyester Transparent Tape - 3M No. 850 (UP, GL)
        Transparent Mounting Strips (GL)
        Photo and Document Mounting Tape - 3M Cat. 001 and 002 (3M)
        322 Nashua Foil - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (HD)
        471 Black Tape Core Series 2-0300 (3M)
        3M Tape 888 (3M)
        3M Tape 811 (3M)
        3M Tape 810 (3M)
        3M Tape 924 (3M)
        Book Tape 845 (3M)

   Heat-set Products
        Paper Carrier
        Archibond Tissue (CM)
        Archival Mount (TA)
        Archival Mount Acid-free Dry Mounting Tissue (CM)
        Crompton Heat Set Tissue (UP, TA)
        Filmoplast R (UP, TA)
        Heat Set Hinging Tissue (UP)
        Heat Set Tissue (GL)
        LC Heat-set Tissue

        Cloth Carrier
        Archival Lamination Cloth (UP)
        Heat Set Cotton Cloth Tape (UP)

        Other Carriers/No Carrier
        Adhesive Web (TA)
        Cerex Heat-set Tissue (UP)
        Fusion 4000 (TA) (CM)
        Unsupported Texicyl (CM)
        Unsupported Archibond
        Paraloid B-50

           CM = Carr McLean
           GL = Gaylord
           HD = Home Depot
           TA = Talas
           UP = University Products

Jane Down
Senior Conservation Scientist
CCI, 1030 Innes Road
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0M5
Fax: 613-998-4721

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