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[BKARTS] Impressions from Action/Interaction

Dear Andrew,

What do you think these artists are/were doing that meant "the art world"
interested in them? Or is it "the art world" that has changed? (I'm starting
to regret those ""s now.)

I'm not sure the answer to this, really. I will offer up a few more thoughts
regardless!  The coverage I notice in contemporary art magazines doesn't
deal with the "book art" aspect of the work in any way. I mean "book art" as
a particular field which has its own set of very specific issues. It simply
discusses the work as it would other artwork that involves a variety of
media. Again, I'm saying this in a purely observational way.

The artists I notice seem to include books as one part of their overall
practice, an overall practice which may include performance, installation,
painting, sculpture, etc.

Maybe the artmarket is so overheated that there is an appetite for obscure
work. The two artists I mentioned previously, are definitely obscure, and
yet are prominently featured in major art magazines. Jay Sanders, in
Artforum, puts it like this, "And so Cointet's example makes it clear that
complex undercurrents remain in art history, still lacking sufficient
feedback, requiring another deep breath."

very best, amy

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