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[BKARTS] Guy de Cointet or Art/Life

To Anthony and others discussing Action/Interaction, leading to a discussion of my friend, Guy de Cointet.
One of my favorite publications of Guy's was his newspaper, ACRCIT, the pages of which with small palm trees were
designed by my friend, Jeff Perkins. Guy was enigmatic, a displaced Frenchman in the midst of La-La Land,
whose "plays" were as enigmatic as his coded texts in his books. He once told me that if I broke the code,
he would give me a prize, but he never indicated what the prize would be. What Guy did is more Fluxus than
others could tell--he believed that Art and Life were one--and he lived his Art and his Art was integral to his life.
At the time he was having his books published by a friend, who moved to Santa Fe. The books were small chapbooks
and each had a different color cover.
Oftentimes, a performance of his would illuminate the coded text just a bit. In fact, Marshall McLuhan bought three books
at our bookshop, Artworks, in Venice, California in 1979, one of which was Guy's newspaper. Guy was a delightful, charming,
most humorous artist--and we miss him for all reasons. A performance of one of his pieces will be presented at Tate Modern on
30 June from 10 - 11 p.m. in London. I would hope that you could see that performance with several of the women who performed
them in Los Angeles in the 1970s and early 1980s. It would be a treat!

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