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Re: [BKARTS] Guy de Cointet or Art/Life

The bookarts project I am currently working on is a documentation of Illinois' native orchids, some of which I monitor through an Illinois Department of Natural Resources sanctioned program out of a botanical garden. I have been helping them collect data for five years now, and this program has managed to involve just about every aspect of my life, my job, my relationships, even my dreams... Can we really separate our art and our life, if we want to call ourselves artists? Remember what Robert Henri said "Art is a part of everyday life; it is not a single, separate thing. It is simply a matter of doing something, anything, well." (The Art Spirit)


Kathy G

On Jun 18, 2007, at 6:04 AM, Andrew Eason wrote:

de Cointet seemed, by this report at least, to be someone who was able to
make his life and his practice into the same thing. Are there any book
artists out there who are doing the same thing? Or does our dialectic of
'containment' as it applies to books somehow prevent that from happening? *How
are people on the list cross-fertilising art and life?*

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