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Re: [BKARTS] Brass Type in US?

RE: "If there is a cheeper source of brass type, I haven't found it yet."

I hesitate to give away this secret, but since you are all so wonderful,
I'll pass it along. 


I used to be a jeweler, long before my time as a bookbinder. This made
getting certain things made rather easier than just knowing all of the
suppliers for a certain item. As a jeweler, one must be accomplished in
making one's own tools, as well as being able to acquire the larger or more
expensive ones at a discount.

To this end, going to a brass plate engraving shop is a very simple
solution. You can have the brass dies you want made in one large order, on a
thick piece of brass for about $80.00 (this yields as many designs as fit on
a 2x3 piece of brass). Then, you take a jewelers saw, and cut out each piece
by hand...okay, not really what most people want to do in an afternoon, but
believe me, its well worth the effort.

Next, you take the pieces to a friend with a welder, and have a brass rod
attached to the back of each. This is delicate, but again, very simple for a
person experienced in such matters, 

Finally, attach them to your handles, and you're off and running. 

Really, much lower cost of getting them custom manufactured is really well
worth the time of designing and finding the right people/services in your

A little hint for you all - get in the habit of using the same handles for
all of the pieces, it will save you even more money, and storage is much
easier. Besides this, custom manufacturing is more satisfying overall,
because you had a hand in the creation of a fabulous new - completely
exclusive - tool. 

PS: A lot of brass die cutters use a machine to cut the brass - it is run by
a computer. So the best way to give them the designs you want is as an
Illustrator file, or a photocopy they can scan in and shrink down. Just let
them know the dimensions of each piece. 

It saves you a ton of money to have many done at once. 

Robert Angus
Octavia & Co. Press

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