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Re: [BKARTS] Cennini

>>>>> "Sally" == Sally Jackson <serifm@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sally> Were these translations made from Cennini's nanuscript? Where did  each of
Sally> these individuals get copies of or access to the original  document? Where
Sally> is the manuscript presently?

There are two manuscripts in Florence, one at the Biblioteca Medicea
Laurenziana and one at the Biblioteca Riccardiana (neither library has its
catalog online) and an 18th century copy in Rome of the manuscript in the
Laurenziana.  The copy in Rome (part of the Ottoboni library which i believe
is now held by the Vatican) was the basis for the first published edition by
Tambroni which in turn was the basis for the Merrifield English translation
which you mention.

A later edition by the C. and G. Milanesi was based on the two manuscripts
in Florence and was considered by Thompson to be a great improvement over
the Tambroni.  Lady Herringham did an English translation (available at many
libraries: http://worldcat.org/oclc/6441291&tab=holdings) based on the
Milanesi edition and it became the standard English version until Thompson's

A rather poor transcription of Thompson's version is available online at:
http://www.noteaccess.com/Texts/Cennini/index.htm To understand Thompson's
explanation of this history of publication, it is critical to refer to the
notes to the preface which in this online version are not numbered in the
text and are hidden behind a link at the top of the page.  (much easier to
read in the Dover edition which Paul Werner mentioned)

Cennini's dates are unverified and I don't think either of the manuscripts
in Florence are necessarily thought to be his original.  

-Elisabeth Long

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