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Re: [BKARTS] blogging on book arts

I don't have a blog and don't know whether I ever will, but there are some good ones (mentioned here) that are worth visiting.

One thing I would like people to be mindful of in "appropriating" images/test from sites is to get PERMISSION first. One might be surprised to get a positive answer (thought not always), but the asking part is essential. Then please credit the person, individual, site you got he image from. In terms of copyright, the creators (individuals, organizations, and/or photographers) own the rights to the that material, i.e. they are NOT in the public domain. Just because it's online doesn't make it so. Bloggers seem to be especially quick to do that as it helps them tell their "story." I've seen this happen to me personally <http://b-bear.stumbleupon.com/archive/120/>, and the big problem for me is his accompanying text, he just has it sooooooooooo wrong. There are also other examples. Then there were numerous examples from the Guild of Book Workers' 100th anniversary show, or some of the bind-o-rama's done as part of the "Bonefolder" and Book Arts Web.

So bloggers (and others). Please ask and credit so you can appropriate images, not misappropriate.

Thanks for understanding.



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