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[BKARTS] Use of Images from the Web

I think one thing we haven't considered is how people come across images
they use on their sites etc.

Using Google to find images is often a great way to find an image, I often
do it when making collages, and going straight for the image rather than
checking out the site or context it comes from is all too easy. I find
myself doing this quite often when I am just looking for a kind of image or
texture for my work (although, I do rarely find myself crediting every
"contributor" to a collage...).

If you need or want your work to be protected, there are ways to do so on
the web. Someone mentioned Flash which is great, but you can also lock
images, deny right clicking on images etc..

One thing I would say is if you post stuff on the web, EXPECT it to be
grabbed and used. Do NOT EXPECT to find the same courtesy and publishing
conventions you find in the printed world. Not only is the web global and
subject to differing laws and conventions across many countries, but it is
also anonymous by nature and therefore people can "get away" with a lot more
than they might usually (or let themselves do more). This is the nature of
the beast.

I also think, that the web is one big wiki that is open to all. I am
constantly annoyed by vagrant profiteering on the web as I feel that it
functions much better as an open source for all, and a place to voice
considered opinion, dissent, foster debate etc.

I'm sure their are many and varied opinions on what the web is for, but I
would warn people that it is a different place to publish with a very
different ettiquette. Either protect your content, or give it up for
offering, then you will have no reason to feel ripped off.

A Williams
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