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[BKARTS] Looking For Specific Color Cloth

Hi all,

I am looking for a specific color of cloth that is no longer carried by any compaines that I have searched into. I am making labels for a past client and they are very specific about the color choice. The cloth in mention is closely related to millbank vellum (several compaines carry this in other colors, it does go by other names). It is beig used for labels so a thin cloth would ideal, but at this point almost anything will help out. The last time we ordered this material was approximatley ten years ago, so that gives an idea to how old it is.
The color of the cloth is a light green, a shade darker than Ontario Buckram OBV 320. The actual color is Pantone 355c. If any bindery has off cuts or a small amount of this color in their inventory, and they are interested in selling it, I would much appreciate a response.
My email is origami_crane@xxxxxxxxxxx if you would like to contact me through that means.

Thanks very much for any help.
Ryan Andrusky
Andrusky & Son Book Binders Ltd.

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