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[BKARTS] gold foil follow-up

I appreciate the feedback that I received on genuine gold stamping foil sources. This is what I seem to have found out so far.  I am not aware of any hand bookbinding and conservation suppliers currently carrying it (including Frank Lehmann or TALAS). Swift & Co. does not make it anymore it would seem. I'm very open to correction here.  I found one source Quick Roll Leaf Mfg. Co. Inc. that will supply it in small quantities. I got two free samples, '56' and '66' (see below) to experiment with. 

'56' is for stamping and seems to do fine on leather and cloth. It is more yellow than the Swift foil. That said, it seems closer to the appearance of gold leaf tooling by comparison.

'66' is made for hand tooling. If you check the website (below) you can see that it is mostly intended for decorative roll work on leather table inserts. My brief experiments on leather suggests that it is better for hand tooling than most. More dwell time, less filling in, etc. It is a bit darker and cooler that the '56'.
I am including my last communication from them to give more details:


Dear Scott,
We are pleased to quote Scott K. Kellar Bookbinding & Conservation $31.55 (1” x 100’) for the 56X3EG2GG and $29.55 (1” x 100’) for the 66X0600GG. Our billing unit is 1” x 100’ hence the price quote; the extension for a roll 2” x 200’ is $126.20 and $118.20 respectively. 
Both foils are 22K Genuine Gold. Please feel free to visit our website for more information on our company and our products. http://www.quickgoldfoils.com
If you have any questions, I can also be reached at 845-692-2500, Extension 109. 
Kind Regards,
Solena Quick-Porras

Scott K. Kellar 
Bookbinding & Conservation 

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