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[BKARTS] introduction and Announcement

Greetings and/or salutations to all. I've just joined the list
(actually, re-joined may be more accurate, if my sieve-like brain is
remembering correctly, I think I was on this list about ten years ago
for a little while, prior to a bit of a core meltdown in my personal
life), and wanted to make a brief introduction, and share an
announcement (I (re)joined the list because Kyle Schlesinger
suggested, after seeing the announcement on another list, that the
Book Arts community might be interested in it). Have I digressed
enough? I think so, okay, onward. Introduction and Announcement to



I'm Dan Waber, a poet and publisher. Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and I are
Paper Kite Press (a small press devoted to publishing poetry--some of
our books are commercially done perfect-bound, some are hand stitched,
some are letterpress, some are almost completely handmade), kite tail
press (a micropress that does all sorts of little things without ISBN
numbers from postcards to peony prints to punctuation poetry), and
Wordpainting (a studio devoted to creativity that runs workshops and
other events in our local community). For those interested in things
browsable, a few pertinent links to get you started would be:


We're currently in the process of moving our studio to a location that
will allow us to put in a letterpress, something we've been slowly
working towards for a long while.


Meritage Press Announcement
For more information: MeritagePress@xxxxxxx


Meritage Press (MP) is pleased to inaugurate a new series of Tiny
Books that aligns poetry with fair trade and economic development
issues affecting Third World countries.

MP's Tiny Books initially will utilize small books ( 1 3/4 x 1 3/4")
made in Guatemala by artisans paid fair wages, as sourced by
Baksheesh, a fair trade retailer.  All profits from book sales then
will be donated to Heifer International, an organization devoted to
reducing world hunger by promoting sustainable sources of food and

We are delighted to announce that MP's first Tiny Book is

all alone again
by Dan Waber

Dan Waber is a visual poet, concrete poet, sound poet, performance
poet, publisher, editor, playwright and multimedia artist whose work
has appeared in all sorts of delicious places, from digital to print,
from stage to classroom, from mailboxes to puppet theaters. He is
currently working on "and everywhere in between". He makes his online
home at logolalia.com.

Meritage Press tapped Mr. Waber to inaugurate the series partly for
his work in minimalist poetry.  Tiny Book #2 will feature Tom
Beckett's first hay(na)ku poetry collection, Steps: A Notebook.  The
hay(na)ku also is a form that lends itself to minimalism.

With Tiny Books, MP also offers a new DIY, or Do-It-Yourself Model of
publishing.  You've heard of POD or print-on-demand?  Well, these
books' print runs will be based on HOD or Handwritten-on-Demand.  MP's
publisher, Eileen Tabios, will handwrite all texts into the Tiny
Books' pages and books will be released to meet demand for as long as
MP is able to source tiny books -- or until the publisher gets

This project reflects Meritage Press' belief that "Poetry feeds the
world" in non-metaphorical ways.

Each Tiny Book will cost $10 plus $1.00 shipping/handling. To purchase
Dan Waber's all alone again and donate to Heifer International, send a
check for $11.00 made out to "Meritage Press" to

Eileen Tabios
Meritage Press
256 North Fork Crystal Springs Rd.
St. Helena, CA 94574

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