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Re: [BKARTS] How to make boxes

Søren Ibsen <soren.ibsen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote, in part, "The movable part of the 
box is where you open and close it.  To open it easy there must be 5 mm 
space in the joint. It is not nescessary when using carrugated board or 
The board I mostly use for boxes is 2 mm archival millboard.   It can be 
covered outside and innside with leather, buchram,  linen fabric or paper.
Probably not smart if we need to make a lot of boxes in a hurry.
  --------------- reply follows ------------------
Thanks --  Now I have it.

See the boxes at 
All of the lidded boxes by Michael Elwell are made that way.

Years ago, I tried to get Michael Elwell to publish and sell plans for all those boxes -- but it never happened.

If I ever expand my current book -- I will tell how to make those boxes. They are made very much like books. In fact, Michael Elwell originally made leather covered books (blank journals) and made a living selling them at art shows in Santa Barbara. When he found out about our boxmakers -- he added boxes to his line.

Marty Carbone

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love 
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