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Re: [BKARTS] Stropping and stuff

 Jeff Peachey <peachey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote, in part. Check out:


The have invented machines not only to test and quantify sharpness,  
but edge retention, and other aspects.
 ----------- reply follows ------------

Thanks very much for the lead. I checked the links to the testers. One link went to the wrong place. The other link told about a tester that pushes a knife edge (not serrated) against a bent "silicon" ( I think they mean silicone) rubber cord and records the force needed to start a cut. That sounds reasonable. I bet it correlates well with human experience evaluating "sharpness". I assume the curve of the blade would effect readings and they would have separate charts for straight blades and curved blades

The tester is very much like a modified durometer tester that tests the hardness of rubber by pushing a rod into a rubber sample while measuring the force required to move the rod a certain distance into the sample.

Thanks again. I will look through their site more extensively.

Marty Carbone

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