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Re: [BKARTS] How to remove end papers safely? [resend]

use a scalpel or exacto blade ANd a straight edge
cut straight down about 1/16th. around the endpaper right ON  the turn in.

once you have done that you can then usually peel the endpaper PLUS a layer or 2 of cardboard as if you were removing a large label.(i was gonna say scab)
you may have to do some coaxing with the blade. but you can get it off in one piece.
the trick is patience.
if the gutter is stuck use a paint brush and water to soak it and free it up.

after you have peeled it off, if the maps are color fast, soak the entire endpaper in clean water
in something like a jelly roll pan.
then you can roll the cardboard off the back. similar to cleaning stamps.


Jules Siegel wrote:
[This didn't seem to make it to the list the last time, so I am trying again. --JS]

I am repairing a not-valuable hardcover book published in 1949. The
cover looks as if it got wet and was eaten by insects. There's not much
to salvage there, but the end papers are in perfect shape and have maps
that are important. How do I safely remove the end papers?

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