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Re: [BKARTS] pancreatic enzyme?

Pancreatic enzyme is manufacture from the pancreas (generally) of
pigs.  It is intended to be used in a water bath at body temperature.

Basically, there are two enzymes in the stomach; one to digest starches
and another to digest proteins.

It will work to dissolve flour/starch pastes, and animal-based glues.

Sort of.

It was something which was being tried out more than 20 years ago by
paper/book conservators who were experimenting with enzyme treatments
to separate things bonded with flour/starch pastes or glue, or a
combination of the two/three.

There is some literature on the topic.  Some conservators went for
very specific enzymes; some took a shotgun approach (pancreatin)
and, while it works, it is also a bit fussy.

Natural enzymes work best at the temperatures they evolved in, i.e.,
body temperature. If this is maintained, they work fairly well.

It has no effect on cellulose, so paper is safe.

At one time pancreatin was available in the health food section
of grocery stores as a dietary supplement.  It still may be; I
haven't looked for it for some years.


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>Subject: pancreatic enzyme?
>	What's this about pancreatic enzyme?  Where can I get it?
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