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[BKARTS] fusible interfacing

Mary Jo,

The reason I only use Heat 'n Bond is that it has solid coverage of adhesive, no glue can get through, where as most interfacing is a web or dot pattern, not a continuous adhesive and glue will come through. For heavy fabric you might try the heavy weight version (ultrahold) of Heat 'n Bond, although I found the lighter weight works for cloth as heavy as corduroy.

Cheers, Jill

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-----Original Message-----
On Aug 3, 2007, at 11:56 AM, Mary Jo Koranda wrote:

My nice little doggie dug apart my futon which had a very cool >
decorator fabric cover. I want to salvage the large pieces for > book covering. And I have spent time in the list archives, digging > out gems on how to do this.

My question is, why wouldn't the application of a fusible >
interfacing like pellon do the same thing as using a fusing product > like Heat 'n Bond with a paper backing? Is it an archival issue? > Or is interfacing too "soft" a material for backing? Someone had > suggested several years ago that fusible interfacing is temporary > until sewn but I am not sure that if that is correct. Having sewn > for a number of years, fusible interfacing held in areas (away from > the seams) after many washings.


--> Mary Jo Koranda >

at Syracuse University


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