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In a recent conversation over tapas and drinks, a paintings conservator
and an objects conservator told me that I "should" have BEVA film on
hand in my lab. In the past, I have only used it to attach Japanese
paper hinges (probably okawara or Paper Nao machine-made RK-40?) to
oversized items with old cloth linings (when the lining was not going to
be removed).  I have never used it on leather, but the objects
conservator (an ethnographic/ animal hide object specialist) suggested
that it worked well for animal hides in her practice.  Both of these
were conservators with about 20 years experience in their respective
fields and some experience in book and paper conservation.


I have never heard of any "book" people using it, and I am not about to
make myself a pioneer.  Given my work backlog, I prefer to do kozo/paste
mends, stick everything of value in a nice box, and leave it for someone
else with more time on his/her hands to deal with years from now. 


I am curious about any uses in the leather bookbinding world.  Before
anyone freaks out, I don't own any BEVA film, and I am not prepared to
use it in the near future. I find all syntheitc adheseives to be a pain
to remove, so I'm not advocating any great departures from traditional
practice.  I'm just wondering whether anyone has actually tried it with
leather on books.


Valinda Carroll

Preservation Manager

Harvey Library 

Hampton University

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