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Re: [BKARTS] Leather rebacking and alternatives

>mary.yordy@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>alternative repairs for leather volumes...

Try a laminate made of airplane linen  
and Moriki (100% Kozo) Japanese paper.    
Moriki is available in a variety of colors for 
coordinating with the original covering.

Let the laminate dry under weight.

Afterwards, consolidate with Klucel-G.
This keeps the fibers of Japanese paper from getting
loose and "hairy".   This new material can be pared,
When making the laminate, place the Japanese
paper back from the edge of the airplane linen about
1/16th of an inch.  Makes it less noticeable under
the original leather.

AFTER rebacking, lightly (i.e. thinly) coat the 
Japanese paper with acrylic wax SC6000 to 
harden the surface of Japanese paper and 
give it a more leathery appearance.  Remember:
a light coat of acrylic wax.  Too much and it can 
get lumpy.

Also, check the online tutorials at the Book Arts
website: Reference/Bookbinding Tutorials 
Repair of broken leather joints using Japanese paper. 
And maybe explore a molded paper spine

Practice.  Good luck. You can do it.
Hope this helps, 
Daniel Winston

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