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Re: [BKARTS] Removing paper from a CD-Rom

B-brite contains sodium carbonate (washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide. Those are not organic solvents, but they certainly are chemicals. I wouldn't use hydrogen peroxide on a CD. I would probably just try clean water to soak off the coffee-soaked paper. If you scratch the label side of the CD it is more likely to damage the data than if you scratch the "reading" side of the CD.  The data layer is actually closer to the label side.

Good Luck

Valinda Carroll
Preservation Manager
Harvey Library
Hampton University

-----Original Message-----
Usefull here and in other related applications is a product used in 
winemaking: B-Brite.
It is an oxidating cleaner that also removes labels. It will, however, 
render the paper unusable.
Try Arborwine.com for a small supply

It works without the use of chemicals, ...

From: "Lambert, Margo" <mlambert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

Is there anything I can use to remove paper from a CD (paper stuck 
using a 

dried coffee adhesive) and retain the integrity of the CD? 


Margo A. Lambert, MLIS 


Health Science and Consumer Health Libraries 

St. Elizabeth Hospital 

1506 S. Oneida St. 

Appleton, WI  54915 

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