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[BKARTS] topic un-du (heptane) sticker remover

I figured this is more of an informational thing, than a FS thing.

I went to reorder Un-Du {the scrapbookers solution/sticker remover yatta yatta yatta ) from its distributor Lee products
and was informed that the manufacturer was sick of being fined by the state of California for shipping into the state
and had decided to stop producing it entirely. [from what i can glean California's heptane ban started with just petrol and has expanded to scrapbooking products go figure]

After that phone call, my next one was to Union Rubber Co...the folks who make Rubber Cement AND rubber cement thinner which is ALSO heptane and a damn fine sticker remover.

Union Rubber said they had no plans to stop selling rubber cement thinner and the only problem they have currently is
a hazardous materials charge that UPS layers on them when they ship gallons which funnily enough they don't charge when they ship cases of quarts. go figure.

So personally I am replacing my Un-Du stock with the equivalent amount of Bestine Solvent which unfortunately doesn't come in those nifty dispenser bottles.
so my advice kiddies is to buy the Un-du bottles while you see them in the crafts stores
and do what a few of us already do.....refill it with Bestine Solvent and Rubber Cement thinner.

[i don't think you can use just ANY bottle - well you probably can, but i would change them often....traditionally the bottles are HDPE (high density polyethylene) and then treated with some florine? coating something or other so the chemical can't escape]

-- j. godsey 14 pleasant st methuen, ma 01844 978-376-5619 fax 866-416-6101

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