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[BKARTS] September Exhibitions at Landmarks Contemporary Projects (Philadelphia)

For questions involving the following exhibitions, please email lcp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please do not reply to this email.

Virginia Maksymowicz
Rules of Civility
   September 14-October 21, 2007
Opening reception: Sept. 14, 5-8pm
Powel House Museum
 244 S. 3rd Street
 Philadelphia, PA 
 Pay-what-you-wish admission
 Thurs-Fri, 12-5pm,Sun 1-5pm
   Rules of Civility is a mixed-media installation that draws its inspiration from two Eliza's: Elizabeth Willing Powel and Eliza Leslie. Besides sharing similar first names, the women were roughly contemporaries, their lives having overlapped by 43 years. They both lived in Philadelphia. And they were both, very much, ladies of their time.
 The Powel House installation consists of a series of open books, cast in white Hydrostone plaster, overlaid with printed transfers of quotations and images from Eliza Leslie's The Behaviour Book and Elizabeth Powel's own words. Images of Elizabeth, chosen from the numerous portraits painted of her during her lifetime, peer out from underneath the texts. The books, along with pairs of 18-century shoes, quill pens and inkwells also cast in Hydrostone are positioned within the various rooms of the historic house, along with items selected from the collection. Throughout the installation, a soft female voice can be heard detailing the etiquette of middle-class society. The title, Rules of Civility, is taken from Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior, a pamphlet of good manners written by George Washington himself.
   Zoe Cohen
 show someone how you feel about something:
 a public art service project
 Powel House  Museum 
(Weather permitting, in the Garden)
 244 S. 3rd Street
 Philadelphia, PA 

   September 7, 2007: First Friday 5-7pm
 Sundays in September:
Sept 2: 2-4 pm
Sept 9: 2-4pm
Sept 16: 12-2pm
Sept 23: 2-4pm
Sept 30: 2-4pm
  Invited to Landmarks Contemporary projects by artist/curator Michelle Wilson, Zoe Cohen now gives you the chance to Show Someone How You Feel About Something. This ongoing public service art project, offers people in public spaces the opportunity to take a few minutes to make a drawing to express how they feel about something ( anything) to someone (anyone). The drawing is then mailed to their chosen recipient. Addresses of elected officials, a stamped envelope, paper, and drawing materials are provided. 

     Facilitators for the project will include Rebecca Ennen, Jodi Netzer, Michael Schwartz, and Leigh Seeleman.
 Visit Show Someone How You Feel About Someone online at http://showsomeone.blogspot.com
 For more information about Landmarks Contemporary Projects, please visit:
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