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Re: [BKARTS] Suppliers in Australia

Hi Bob and Vicki,

Winterbottom's in Seven Hills (Sydney) and melbourne. They have a website,
but I don't know if it's finished yet. Cloths, headbands and other goodies.
They mainly deal with large scale commercial machine binding, but they are
good enough to service us small hand binders. Lovely bunch of people.

Nordale PTY LTD - adhesives and boards. They are in Revesby or Riverwood in
Sydney - Head Office melbourne. Try Yellow pages.

Ted Chapman - is a distributor/middle man for many british manafacturers and
suppliers, though it can be easier to buy direct from the manafacturer and
have them send it out.

Birdsall is great for Leathers and threads as Vicki said.

What state are you in? Contacting the state bookbinders guild is always the
best first step - they act as a buying co-op and the members are great with
passing on info - you've just got to watch the ones that want to become the
"middle man" and make a cut on every purchase you make.

I'd suggest you probably buy mail order from J Hewitt and Sons. Their
website catalogue is great.

email me off list if you need any specifics - especially if you in NSW.

Email anyway!!

Love to hear where others get their supplies.


Andrew Williams
Pickafight Books
Stanmore NSW Australia

BTW Vicki, I used to work at Artwise - I think I remember us speaking a
while back??? Could be wrong???

>Who are the best people in Australia for book-binding supplies? I need
>someone who I can deal with on the internet.  I live in country Western
>Oz  which is a liitle remote (the only 'roo skins around here are still
>housing  their owners!)
>Bob Lines

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