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Re: [BKARTS] EBAY Leather

i think this should be narrowed down
to don't by leather from sellers you don't KNOW

indeed don't by anything expensive from sellers not known to you.
which i'm afraid is becoming my mantra...
if you can't afford to be ripped off, be careful.
i will chance them with something small before i will buy something big from folks i don't know.

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J. J. Foncannon wrote:
This is, in my experience, completely wrongheaded advice. . Some of the most beautiful leather I have ever acquired I acquired
through EBAY. The varieties of colors, textures, kinds of skin, that
come up are much greater than those available through most other
sources. One can obtain weird and wonderful specialty leathers: metallic, holographic, etc. I bound a children's book in startling
blue speckled holographic leather, and it is one book I was very proud
of. I acquired some very nice antique bronze and pewter finished
leathers. One can occasionally find slivver leather--- ultrathin
leather than can be used for labels, onlays and inlays and requires no
hand shaving. (It is about 1/200 inch thick.) When you buy on EBAY ,
you don't have to get a complete cow. The skins are a reasonable size
for bookbinding purposes.
Each piece of leather has its own gestalt. Specialty leathers can be
idiosyncratic. Kangaroo gets dirty if you look at it the wrong way. I
cover my workbench with wrapping paper when I work with it. When you
get away from the traditional goatskin-calfskin, you are taking a
chance. Shaving these leathers (as Peter has pointed out) can be a
monumental task.
I recently purchased a goatskin antiqued dusty rose and a lambskin antiqued terra cotta. I was very satisfied with the results. They were
just beautiful. (Dealer: leatherwise.) Price: $20 for six square feet.
I once acquired on EBAY a burnt orange goatskin that I have been been
trying again to find for years. The times I was not satisfied were very
few. I got a pretty ratty piece of kangaroo leather one time, unevenly
textured and dyed, and another time suede which was falling apart (my
fault: I had the seller shave it. Suede does not shave well.) I have
had hundreds of transactions.
It must be born in mind that others on this list have complained about
unsatisfactory leather obtained through traditional sources. One person
complained about a piece of kangaroo leather he obtained through a
well-known supplier to bookmakers. By the way, some EBAY dealers will shave the skins for an extra 5 bucks.
I generally like for bookbinding a 1 1/2 oz leather. 2 1/2 is too
thick, and 3 is unworkable, in my estimation. Many bookbinders like
goatskin because it is naturally pretty thin. I do , too. The EBAY
dealers always indicate the thickness of the skin. If I have to work
with a thick piece of leather because I can't get it shaved and I really
like it, I shave the turn ins. I have found the following dealers very reliable: leatherhut,
leatherwise, seymourssi, uncle george. Uncle george will shave skins
for you. These dealers also have stores where you can order leather
that is not on auction. They have been in business a long time.
Frankly, I don't think you can go wrong. My advice: give EBAY a try
and let us know what your experiences are.

Dave Smith wrote:
ok, so I know the first response will be DONT BUY LEATHER ON EBAY

I understand that ... but I am still learning, and the wife just isnt
going to understand me spending close to triple digits for a piece of
leather to practice with.

so, that being said.

If I were to buy leather on ebay, I see vendors offering 2oz and 1oz.
Would anyone care to elaborate some? Which should I think about etc

I'd love to hear opinions.

Dave Smith
Linux Geek

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