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[BKARTS] leathers and EBAY

	Speaking of leathers,  you might try out elkskin or deerskin leathers. 
These leathers pose special challenges--- they are quite stretchy and
impossible to shave, and they get soiled if you look at them wrong. 
(However, they are not really so thick that they demand shaving).  Glue
or water very easily damage them.  Also, they are heavily textured, a
sort of pebbly texture, which is impaired if the book is placed in the
bookpress too tightly.  The texture is a large part of their
attactiveness, and they can make a beautiful book.  To protect the books
I bound with these leathers, I encase them in a cover of 4 mil mylar 
(obtained from Gaylord.)
	I bound a copy of the wonderful 1935 book of Frederick Prokosch, "The
Asiatics," in a half binding using a scarlet deerskin, and for the
remainder of the cover I used a stipled gold and scarlet art paper,
Maziarcyzk Papers #90 in the Talas catalog.  The spine label was black
calfskin leather onlay gold stamped with Makita, a font with an Asiatic
character.  The spine label was decorated with a gold filigree. The
endpapers were a Chinese art paper, backed with an ivory endpaper.  (I
find many Chinese art papers require a backing. They are often only 80
gsm or less.)  In another binding, I bound "The Nag Hammadi Manuscripts"
in a red deerskin binding.  Both books received a gold edge gilding,
scarlet velvet ribbon page markers and metallic gold and scarlet
	These leathers were purchased on EBAY.  
	One problem is that EBAY merchants don't stock leathers in the usual
sense.  They have what they happen to have on a quotidian basis.  I find
I am  perversely reluctant to use a really beautiful leather purchased
on EBAY because I don't know when I will be able to get it again.
I am an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened.
---- Mark Twain

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