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[BKARTS] Wilmington, NC book artists?

Hello everyone,

Here¹s a question for you North Carolinians from a Minnesotan. We recently
had my mother-in-law to stay with us, and she was entranced with her visit
to MCBA. She would love a few lessons in book structures such as the flag
book or a few variations of the concertina. I know I can send her a book on
it, but it would be great to also offer a name or two of an artist in or
near Wilmington. I don¹t know if she would set up a workshop or not (she is
89 years young, a high energy poetry lover), and perhaps this wouldn¹t be up
anyone¹s alley of anyone, but just out of curiosity, are there folks in the
Wilmington area? Another more probable outcome is that one of her daughters
lives in Wilmington and is an excellent watercolorist, so the two could very
possibly make a point of visiting a gallery or two, if they show book art
regularly. I know NC has strong communities in Asheville and around Penland,
but I am unaware of other areas in the state.

Many thanks for any tips,

Betty Bright   

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