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[BKARTS] surviving the red dragon

	My apologies to the Skeptical Inquirer, which I accused of being the
Parade Magazine of the skeptic movement for neglecting to address the
idiocies of organized religion.  I believed that Stephen Gould?s loony
concept of ?two magisteria,? which continues to exert a baleful influence
on the skeptical movement,  might be responsible for this timorousness  
However,  the most recent issue, Sept/Oct 2007, has a brilliant satire,
penned by Stephen Asna, ?How to Survive the Apocalypse.?  As satirists
from Jonathan Swift to Mark Twain have discovered, irrationality can
often survive, indeed, batten on,  rational discourse, but it remains
vulnerable to well-placed ridicule.
	One paragraph goes,
        "If you're on your toes, you'll know when [the red dragon of the
Apocalypse] is on its way.  A series of loud trumpet blasts will signal
its coming.  You need to be on the move by the time the seventh trumpet
blasts because that's dragon time.  Truthfully, you should be looking
for an abandoned car or bicycle or something by the time you hear
trumpet number five, for that's when the human headed locusts will hit
the scene (Rev 9:7).  And you might be thinking, 'Hey, I can handle
human headed locusts,' but you'd be wrong.  These grasshoppers have
'tails like unto scorpions' (Rev 9:10) It will be important to loot
pharmacies and carry analgesics."
        He advises, "It's time to think pragmatically, and you'll need
some good survival strategies for negotiating the big hurt.?
        I went into gales of laughter reading the article. 
	On a more alarming note, , the fundies have decided in a big way to
funnel their
energies into politics.  Patrick Henry University, a small recently
organized Christian college just south of DC,  is the main institution responsible
for training them for their mission.  Essentially, they see the US as a
quagmire of vice and corruption and their goal is to rescue the nation
and consecrate it to Christ (rescue it from its constitution,
apparently.)  Already, its graduates have infiltrated
many levels of the US government, primarily because of sympathetic
conservative members of the government.  
	I  recommend the book, ?God?s Harvard: a Christian College on a Mission
to Save America,? by Hanna Rosin.  The Christkids have youth, energy,
dedication, and their ignorance of the basics  of the history of their
religion remains profound.  The book is an extension of articles
the author wrote for the Washington Post and The New Yorker.
Jet Foncannon


I am an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened.
---- Mark Twain

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