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[BKARTS] Lark Books: 500 Handmade Books

Have heard from numerous book artists asking for information about the publication and recently, I received the following email from Lark Publishing which I share. The book has NOT as yet been published.

<<Date:	Wed, 05 Sep 2007	
From:	Beth Sweet <beth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>     
Subject:500 Handmade Books  

Hello Alice,

My name is Beth Sweet, and I'm assisting with "500 Handmade Books." I've checked our files, and three of your entries were accepted in the book:

-Evils of the Dance
-Urban Motion

As last-minute changes can still occur right up until the ink meets the page, please know that this update won't be completely accurate until 
the book is published.

With that said, thank you for contributing your time and artistry to "500 Handmade Books," and thank you for your patience. I am waiting to hear from our production team regarding slide returns and official notification.

Please check in with us again if you have further questions of if I can be of service to you.

All the best,

A L I C E   S I M P S O N
 C L A Y   &   B O O K S

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