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[BKARTS] A Huge Public Thanks to Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts, proprietor of The Gilded Leaf Bindery in Maryville,  Tennessee, 
generously agreed to lead yesterday's meeting of the Knoxville Book  Arts 
Guild.  His topic was "Binding Techniques Used in Book  Restoration".   To say the 
meeting was informative, entertaining, and  incredibly worthwhile is an 
Knoxville Book Arts Guild is a new group without resources to bring in  
experts in the field.  Bob gave us three hours of lecture, demonstration,  and 
education without remuneration.  There is no way we could have paid for  the level 
of expertise he brought.  His contribution to the group was  invaluable.  
So to Bob Roberts and to all of you who so generously share your  time and 
talent, thank you.  Thank you for your commitment to book arts and  to educating 
the public about this amazing field of work.   

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