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[BKARTS] Help Wanted in Dallas Area


I've got a project I'm thinking about doing (assuming budget, etc works) and 
if there is anyone in the Dallas area interested please let me know.

Here is an outline of what I'd like to have done.

I have a soft cover perfect bound book that I would like to have rebound as 
a hard cover book.

I have a pdf book that I would like to have bound so it creates a set with 
the 1st book.

(the 2 books are formated to different sizes)

I'd like to have a case designed to hold the two books.

I think this could be a fun project since it's related to magic and 

Of course, I don't know if this is the right place to find this type of help 
or if you have any suggestions of people or companies for me to contact in 
the Dallas area.


Mark Jensen 

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