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Re: [BKARTS] recipe for laponite RD


That is a sort of difficult question to answer, as what this product is, is
a synthetic (colloidal) clay, which is used as an additive in many different
types of applications from toothpaste to household cleaners.  

To the best of my knowledge (having very limited amount regarding this
product to be honest) is that it is used as a thickening agent for water
based systems, allowing certain types of cleaning agents used in conjunction
with the Laponite to sit in place to act on a localized area.  Similar
systems are created with Carbopol resins for making gels of solvents, which
conservators can use for placing solvents in localized places such as a spot
on a wall without them running and streaking down.

In addition I have been able to track down a few other technical bulletins
from the manufacturer that I have posted to our web site.  But whatever you
do find please pass on so we can start to compile some general
recipes/guidelines for use.  

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