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[BKARTS] Treasures for the new book binder

I subscribed to this list a few months back and was instantly overwhelmed.
There are so many of you who share ideas and insight, it has been
great.  Several times I thought I would ask the list a question only
to find the answer in the archives or from helpful vendors.

I got answers from Pete's site temperproductions.com about some
of my binding problems, particularly the lay flat bindings.  I also
ordered the videos of Harcourt Bindery.  After watching those videos
I sure knew the time I was spending to bind one book was excessive
(meaning I was worrying about things that I shouldn't worry about).
I learned from Pete and Sam that I was using too much glue/paste.

I learned from Aaron at Talas that my text block trimming on the
guillotine cutter had uneven pressure and was causing the curved cut
(like hollowed out) and the nicks in the blade were causing the funky
marks along the edges of my book block.

I read, then read some more, and decided on a plough plane to get my
book blocks smooth and asked Pete about one before progressing.
Do you ever feel like fate had a hand in who you asked?  Pete has
a new design for a plough plane and I fell in love instantly.  I ordered
his book binders dream package and now I have a fan gluing press,
a book press and a plough plane.  The plough works better than I dreamed
and my books look great.

I make small to medium sized books that are quarter and half bound
with book cloth and decorative paper.  Most of my books are blank
books for journals, drawing and notes.  I have made about 50 books since
summer time and I have more to go.  I sewed about 40 text blocks
while waiting for my plough to arrive.  It wasn't that Pete was slow, it
was that my schedule allowed for several books each night to be sewn.

So, my many thanks to the people on this list that share freely of their
knowledge.  And if you are a newbie like me then I highly recommend
Pete's tools, Sam's videos and Talas' quick supplies shipments.  I am
in Utah so it takes a while to get things here from the east coast.

Tina, currently thinking of iron gall inks and suede like fabrics while
appreciating the fact she doesn't have to re-create the wheel!

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