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[BKARTS] protective book wrapping

I am having a 'senior' moment . . .

Somewhere in all my book binding books, I remember seeing simple directions on making a temporary cardboard wrapper for damaged books.
You know the one that is two long strips of cardboard perpendicular to each other, folded and tied with woven tapes.

I know it doesn't sound like something you need directions for, but it's the image I am looking for......
and the fact that I can't find it makes me annoyed.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
I have about 50 binding books and can't seem to find it in any of them.  8(
I think it was a 1930s volume.

thank you

j. godsey
14 pleasant st
methuen, ma 01844
fax 866-416-6101

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