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Re: [BKARTS] Parchment/Vellum Supplier

Just a note.  Sheepskin (old or new) is weaker than calfskin, et. al.,
and splits easily.

If you want something to write upon, use sheepskin, but if you are
binding a book, use calf, goat, deer, or elkskin, depending on the
size of the book.


>For anyone in Britain, I found a new supplier for both parchment and
>vellum in Lairg, Scotland produced locally). They will also export, at
>prices much less than Talas for full skins - about $70 for both, plus
>shipping, which is a bargain to me.
>From their site:
>Parchment is made from whole full-size sheepskins which are "hide
>shaped" and can, of course, be cut into squares or oblongs as the
>customer wishes. They average 3 feet long by 2 feet 6 inches wide,
>yielding 4 to 5 square feet with some edges left over.
>Vellum is made from young lambskins and is finer, thinner and slightly
>smaller than a parchment hide.
>"Made from the skins of Highland full-grown wether lambs, following a
>recipe hundreds of years old. Measurements are within these
>parameters: 36 inches long x 30 inches at the widest point."
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