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[BKARTS] Closing letterpress/papermaking/bindery studios

Hi all and sorry if this is a repeat... having problems with my subscription ID.

It's been 10 years and I'm now gearing up to close up my shops.

Have a Vandercook Model 4 with new accessories like a metal die jacket and large honeycomb base.  Two cabinets of type, all sorted and cleaned over the years. Mostly metal, some wood. Reglet and furniture cabinets. Inks, paper, drying rack, tools, etc.

Bindery has a 40" board sheer, table top guillotine cutter with a stand on wheels, a few book presses and every hand tool imaginable.

Papermaking has a 2 lb Reina beater which I purchased new in '99. A large DAKE press adapted into a papermaking wet-press by Twinrocker that'll fit a 30" x 40" post. Cardboard and blotters galore for drying. Some mould/deckles, decent condition on those but could/should be retired. Brass screening for new moulds still packaged in roll!

I'm in no rush to sell off my babies but it's time to move on. Will only sell for best price so please, no bargain hunters.

I'm located in the Hudson Valley and will show privately on weekends or weeknights only. No photos are going to be posted. Most of you know what all the stuff looks like and the equipment I have has been lovingly cared for for 10 years and all in excellent condition.

Marie-Celeste Edwards
DHP Papermill & Press
158 North Clinton Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
phone (845) 454-8151

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