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Re: [BKARTS] Mold Prevention Product?

Firstly, anything which will kill mold can also kill you, so fungicides
need to be handled very carefully.

Fungistats (such as thymol) only halt the progression of mold, allowing
time (about two weeks, under warm & humid conditions) to correct an
environmental problem.

If the temperature can be kept below 75 deg. F (approx. 22 deg. C) and
the relative humidity below 60%, with good air circulation mold will
not develop.

Thymol is no longer much in use, due to possible medical problems, although
it may still be used in Listerine mouth wash....

For a long time formaldehyde was used to prevent PVA from developing
mold, but that seems to be changing and I don't know what is used today.


>Hi, All,
>I've just received this query and welcome your input. It sounds like two
>1) Is there a product that can be used on books to prevent them from molding?
>2) Is paper now impregnated with fungicide, and when did that start?
>Other than adding thymol to adhesives per Middleton, I'm not up on
>anti-mold additives.

>"...someone has informed us that there is a product that was created that
>is used to treat books to prevent mold and mildew.  Many of the books that
>we find grow mold are older books. We are trying to determine if their is
>such a product that is added to preserve books in the printing/binding
>process and if so approximately what year was this process begun."
>Bob Roberts

Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, Oregon 97217



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