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[BKARTS] Photos of equipment from shop closing

I'm sorry to be brief and if this email is going out in dupe to some people but I've been flooded with inquiries.


the link above has a lot of photos and pricing. Some prices are a little high but I had to start somewhere based on what my research is telling me the equipment currently goes for. Some are "obo" (or best offer), others, I could be flexible on.

I do have some type still in boxes like Spartan Black and Lydian, others sorted but in plastic divided containers... not sure what that font is -- all caps, stretched out width-wise, in a full suite of sizes. I'll post a pic of that one day this week... just running out of time! I have 2 very full cases of 18 pt Park Avenue and one full case of 24 pt Park Avenue that's not listed on the webpage.

I have loads of misc cuts too. Lots of paper, envelopes, etc. Shipping boxes... you name it.

The Vandercook has a standing offer on it but they need to know from the rigger if they can get it into their location. I should know that within a few days. There are several (like five people) that have expressed serious interest in it (all at the same dollar amount) so if the press isn't going to be purchased by the one person it's on hold for right now, I'll let those five people know first.

I do have a "day job" so I'm not here during the day but will return calls either at lunch time or evenings. Emails I can respond to a lot quicker.

(845) 454-8151

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