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Re: [BKARTS] Broadsides

Keith  and John, 
Here  are some things to think about regarding broadsides today: As you know, 
 a broadsheet may be just printed verbal image, i.e. text, but it may also  
include wonderful visual images carefully integrated into the “look” of the  
single page. 
Japanese surimono of roughly  1830 - 1860 were single printed sheets. Some of 
the finest printers and design  artists were responsible for the graphics, 
and poetry clubs produced  contemporary poems or incorporated old poems for the 
verbal images. The graphic  usually left “unassigned” space for the words. 
Layers upon layers of meaning  were “read” in a work. 
Likewise, in our modern world, we are quite likely to encounter a single  
sheet of sophisticated verbal and visual images: posters, political signs, movie  
billboards, and the like. In an advertisement – essentially a single sheet— 
we  may see words actually superimposed on an image. In childrens’ book spreads
—  essentially collections of single sheets— we read verbal images which are 
 usually carefully integrated into the visual image, often on some  
specially-designed “empty” space, as in the surimono.  
At  www.threehalfpress.com  you  can see how photographer Ann Flewelling and 
poet Marnie Reed Crowell approach  the challenges of using what we call 
digital “Light Pages” as a form of literary  work on a single plane— the computer 
We are  fascinated by the challenges of simultaneously presenting both visual 
and verbal  images of literary depth, without trivializing either words or 
graphics. The  words deepen the meaning of the photographs and the visual images 
often make  verbal allusions more accessible. One plus one is way more than 
two. Our  collaboration is simultaneous and between equal partners, verbal and 
visual. Are  there others of you working and thinking this way?  
Marnie  Reed Crowell 
Threehalf Press

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