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Re: [BKARTS] kuttrimmer

I have both a board shear and a Kuttrimmer. One easy way to get better performance out of a table top Kuttrimmer is to bolt it to the table top where you are using it, and make sure this table top is a comfortable height, lower than normal bench top height. Then build an out-feed table table to keep strips of binders board flat, and you are in business.

As far as keeping it in square, all the ones I have seen have 3 or 3 screws under the bottom fence, where the table gage attaches. It is fairly easy to loosen these and square the fence to the blade. For the cost (less than the blades for a board shear) Kuttrimmer's seem to work pretty well, and I have seen some from the 1970's (or around that time) that still work.

Jeff Peachey

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