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[BKARTS] PVA Shelf Life

It is not my intention to scare people but the manufacturer of Jade 403
states that there is a shelf life of 90 days for the product.  I think this
is more to avoid the possibility of any product coming back to them due to
spoilage, rather than how long it typically lasts for with good working
practices concerning contamination, but it should be noted.

In terms of those who have very old PVA, if it is either Jade 403, Jade 711,
or Jade R that you are referring to, the manufacturer a few years ago was
forced due to certain government regulations to stop adding a preservative
to the product.  What they were using was a trace amount of formaldehyde,
which prevented the growth of mold just about indefinitely in the product.
So for better and/or worse depending on what direction you look at it
(health, conservation, spoilage) the product is not the same as it used to

However if you have an adhesive other than the ones mentioned, then chances
are it has a chemical preservative in it, as just about all commercial
adhesives do as shelf life is more important for the general public rather
than long term conservation practice.  

We could theoretically have the Jade reformulated to our specifications, I
think we sell enough of it to do so, with an anti-fungicide added, but I
don't think this is what people really want.  As always I would be
interested to hear what people think. 

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