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[BKARTS] books on books

Hi everyone,
     I'm starting to sell off some of the many books I've picked up over the 
years. Hoping some of you might be interested. Below is the list I've just put 
on Ebay with their numbers. Thanks - Carolyn

Book Decorations by Goodhue,   Grolier Club, 1931
 Item number: 120171138360

Kamisuki Chohoki; a handy guide to Japanese papermaking
 Item number: 120171116651

von Hagen's Aztec and Maya Papermakers
 Item number: 120171130390

The Annual of Bookmaking 1927-1937
 Item number: 120171119835

Books for our Time 1951
 Item number: 120171124754

The Twentieth Century Book by John Lewis
 Item number: 120171133917

Carolyn Chadwick, Bookbinder
213 State Route 375
West Hurley, NY 12491

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