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[BKARTS] aluminum alkoxide

I was wondering if anyone has heard of this chemical, or is familiar with
the use of this product.  

It was brought to my attention by a book conservator in Budapest, and she
stated the following:

This material helps to stop the deterioration of infected leather, infected
by some kind of biological organism (bacteria, fungicide) which eats the
vegetable tanning of the leathers. So this way the leathers became very
weak, practically they lose they conserving material and they start to
decay, to "rot" at the end they simply became dust.

Aluminum is needed because it kills the biological organisms which eat the
tanning of the leather and also recover it, I mean aluminum can supply and
compensate the original vegetable tanning material.
This product is very new, but I heard that it can be bought yet, but I do
not know where.

Previously the restorers used some kind of material based on poli-uretan to
resolve this problem "red rot", but this is now outworn.

I really hope that I could help you with my brief description and I am
really very-very grateful for your great and precious help!
I really hope that we could find something solution.

Typically as we all know, Klucel G is what is used, but this is just a
consolidant (adhesive) to keep the crumbling leather intact, where as it
sounds like this product addresses the cause of the problem, and prevents it
from continuing.

So if anyone has any other information regarding this product, particularly
its effectiveness and suitability in conservation I would certainly like to

Aaron Salik
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