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[BKARTS] Seeking purchaser of bookbinding finishing tool collection from UK.

[Received this request for information from a gentleman in the UK who is seeking the purchasers of his collection of bookbinding finishing (presumably) tools. If you were the purchaser or know who it might be..., please let him know directly (not via the list) at <Stambourne@xxxxxxx>. Many thanks, Peter]

May I please ask for your advice as to how to find a husband and wife team of bookbinders from the USA who bought my large collection of bookbinding tools via a shop in Englands Lane, Hampstead, London, back in the 60s or 70s. That shop has long since closed, and the staff dispersed.

I have information for them about the tools, have a catalogue of impressions of every one, and there were a great many of all kinds, handle letters, rolls, pallets etc etc. They are probably not aware of the makers names hidden in the handles. I intend to print the catalogue one day as a private press operation, maybe only 100 copies in my garage based Happy Dragons Press,. here in Toppesfield, Essex England.

As a courtesy, I ought at the very least let them know about this project.

So how do I find them??

Sadly the only person who would have the names is now dead, the lady proprietor of that famous bookbinders shop in Englands Lane, Hampstead, London NW3. I do recall being told they were both workers in the field, husband AND wife, and that both were some sort of health-care professionals, doctors, dentists, or just possibly vets. That's about all the info I ever had.

many thanks for your advice

Julius Stafford-Baker
The Happy Dragons Press, Toppesfield, Essex,  England.


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
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